Monday, November 5, 2012

Book Nurse

I am starting an editing service. I have heard of book doctors. That name, to me, has the connotation that something is seriously wrong, like needing surgery or prescription medicine. Something only a doctor can do to make it right. I am leery of anyone who wants to take charge of my writing.

Nurse on the other hand, is something that takes some training, but is also a mindset. I could not be a medical nurse. It's not something that comes easily or naturally to me. But editing does. When I read anything, books, articles, comments in forums, I find myself going over the words - is it clean, clear to the reader? Is the intent coming through properly? Does it make sense? Does it flow?

So I am offering my services for hire. I will be slowly building a page here on the blog until I sort out a website.

The first 10 clients will get an introductory rate of $30/hr for a full read with analysis on plot, characters, pacing and reader experience. I'll also let you place a limit on how many hours you want to pay for and I will fit in whatever comments I can on however much I've managed to read in that time.

Email me for a quote or for more information at

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