Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Aftermath

I had planned to write about the latest developments in the garden, but that seemed so petty in comparison to the enormity of the damage from Sandy.

I grew up in NJ. I spent my summers on the shore - Wildwood, Long Beach Island, Sandy Hook. They are irrevocably changed.

It's not just the destruction of a seaside town. As the Weather Channel folks kept saying - "It's the new norm." The coastline has been changed.

The president of an island nation spoke before the UN awhile back. He said that if global warming wasn't reversed his country would cease to exist.

I think that has happened to parts of NJ. The coastline has changed. People from other parts of the country may not realize the impact of this right away. It means we have to change.

The new norm means 100 year storms every year. It means droughts and heatwaves and flooding and superstorms. The world has changed and we need to accept it, adapt to it, or lose it.

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