Monday, June 3, 2013

France was fabulous!

I stayed in a centuries old farmhouse in the French equivalent of Kansas...only much cooler.

The trip was enhanced by excellent traveling companions and an interpreter. I ate too much and laughed a lot and came home totally refreshed. For two weeks I was out of my own ruts and tossed to the winds. Lots of things shook loose in the process and I return to my writing with new impressions and experiences.

Walking through huge walled courtyards, palaces and chateaus I saw manicured gardens and ancient stone walls covered with lichens and moss. We traveled down narrow streets that once saw men on horseback and carriages passing. Lovely.

Even a friendly lizard or two.

I'm sure this will all surface somehow in my writing. It's so good to go out and see new thing and places and people. But I have to say after all the going and seeing, it's good to get home. Even if the old ruts don't fit anymore...I needed to try new ones!

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