Thursday, December 15, 2016

Facebook Clarification

I have 2 facebook pages. One is an author page under M. Alice Sabo/Alice Sabo Books, the other is my personal page under Alice Sabo.

I wasn't completely social media literate when I started things up. So I apologize for any confusion. The Facebook link on this blog will take you to my Author Page.

My personal page is where I keep track of my relatives. It is private. If you send me a friend request for that page, I won't approve it. I appreciate my fans, but that isn't the right place to interact with me.

And it probably wouldn't be of much interest to you seeing my cousins and siblings, nieces and nephews and various extended family members at parties and events.

A new website is in the works, designed by the wonderful Alex Storer. I hope to unveil it early next year. There will be more information about the books and what is in the works. I'll clean up this blog and make it just a blog again.

So my apologies if you have tried to friend me on my personal page. I wish there was a way to add a note when you refuse a friend request, because I want people to know that I have a reason and don't mean to be rude.

Thank you to anyone who has tried to contact me. I'm flattered. I love hearing from people who have read my books. Feel free to contact me through the blog for now.

And now it's back to writing!

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