Friday, June 2, 2017

The Bunny War

They started it.

It's been a weird year weather-wise. Spring was too warm or too cold. Tender perennials that I expected to die out - didn't. Even though we went down below 10 degrees things came back that shouldn't have.

The spring vegetables didn't like the hot days. The warm weather vegetables are hating the cold rainy days. We have had a lot of cold rainy days followed by hot dry days that wilt everything in the garden.

So that's my excuse for forgetting. The weather has been all wrong. And I forgot to fence the beans.

Now I knew the bunny had been nibbling on the peas. I had to fence them and put in more seed where they had been pruned. And I had an inkling that the arugula bed had taken a hit. It was looking rather spotty. But today I went out to check the garden and my lovely beans looked like lollypop sticks.

Someone had eaten the tops off of every one. I don't think they can survive that, but I'll give them a chance. Fencing them now is like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted, but it's up now. If there's no new growth, I'll just have to re-seed the bed.

Dang rabbits.

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