Thursday, October 31, 2019

Kitty Time

Bertie was having a good old time trying to catch the birds that were landing in the stick-on feeder.

Rascal prefers to hang out in the new box fort and watch the birds from a height.

That is when she isn't stretched out in a different kitty space, lazily watching the local wildlife.

We have some very brazen wildlife.

And that is a shared kitty space that goes in and out of fashion.

You must always make some kitty-space or they will make it themselves and that is often a problem. I have a box by my desk where Rascal sleeps most of the morning. Bertie prefers the basket on the shelf, or sometimes the guest chair in my office. There are favorite spaces in every room and almost every week there is a new favorite place that was an old favorite place a while ago. Or maybe the new favorite place was the other's chosen place... It's best not to get involved in kitty-games.

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