Thursday, November 7, 2019

Those Dang Deadlines

I was stressing out about my self-imposed deadlines looming closer and got belligerent with myself. The book I was writing had stalled and I couldn't figure out the next step. So I took a little time out to play.

Relaxing and getting my mind into something totally different seems to have done the trick. I came up with the exact thing I needed to tie together the disparate themes that were emerging. Whew.

However, as the book release creeps closer to the holidays, I am facing a different problem. If I release in December, will it drown in all the holiday hype? Will anyone care because it isn't holiday themed? Or does any of that matter? Hard to know.

I think for now I will stay in the head-down-and writing mode. Adding more books to the inventory can't hurt. Plus the old 'make a splash or die' technique doesn't hold true anymore. Ebooks are always there. And with print on demand, physical books can be, too. I'll get the book out when it's ready and run a promo after the holidays.

Plans change, life can throw you a curve. Stay tuned for further updates.

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