Monday, August 27, 2012

Rampant Squash!

Here is a lovely winter squash climbing into the butterfly bush. You can just barely see the 3' fence I put up for it...ha, ha, ha. To the left are Welsh Onions blooming. A lovely, fall blooming chive sort of thing. Very tasty and if you don't cut the heads you'll have it all over the yard. The spiky bits in the foreground are some gladiolas that I keep digging up and they keep coming back anyway.

Since conquering the butterfly bush doesn't seem like enough, the squash has also scaled the azaleas. You can see the rain barrel in the far left. The azaleas are 5-6' tall.

Here's one of the squashes forming. It's called Sweet Mama. It had been resting on the azalea, but I guess it got too heavy. Now it nestles in the chives.

Finding all the squashes in the fall can almost be as much fun as digging potatoes. You don't know how many or where you'll find them.

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