Thursday, July 18, 2013

A soggy garden report

It has rained every day for three weeks now. Yes, it's summer and afternoon cloudbursts are common. That's not what we're getting. We're getting 1" and up...every day!

So the plants that like it wet are huge. Those that don't are struggling.

And with all that rain comes dark days. My vegetable garden doesn't get enough sun to begin with. Three weeks of clouds is really hurting it.

The plum tree produced it's first harvest. It looked amazing. Every branch was covered with fruit. I read that the Santa Rosa plum was an over producer and that you should thin the fruit...but I was greedy. Add the wettest summer on record and expect the worst. I think we lost half the crop to mold.

Luckily I decided to transition to raised beds this year. If not, the garden would be gone, washed away.

And the rest of the yard is a jungle because I can't get out there to work, because, ya know, IT'S RAINING!


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