Thursday, July 25, 2013

Almost There

I am doing the final edits on Unintended Consequences after changing the ending. As I go through the chapters, I have to stop myself from skimming because...I know what's going to happen. It's hard to keep focus when I have read this story a million times.

As I read, especially scenes that have survived from the first incarnation, I wonder if I am tired of it because of repetition or because it's a boring scene.

The first final draft went to half of my beta readers. The second final draft went the the rest of them. Now I am on the third and totally final - final draft. And I am wondering if I should float it by a few more readers.

This is the time of the most indecision. Is it the best I can do? Does it convey all the information I want it to? Tone, characters, setting, plot...have I hit all the right buttons?

One of my first readers said the writing was tight. Yay. But now I've added a layer. And changed the end. Did I fatten it too much? Dilute the tension?

Worry, worry, worry.

I don't want to fuss it to death. There's a point where you have to call it done and walk away.

And I expect that to be really soon.

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