Thursday, September 12, 2013

Goodreads Giveaway

I am giving away 4 books on Goodreads. So far 200 people have signed up! That's exciting. The contest ends October 5.

I am awaiting yet another print proof of the book. Hopefully, this time I got everything right. As soon as I OK the proof, the print book will be available on Amazon. With luck, by the end of the week...yeah, I know, I already said that a couple times.

The audiobook is in the works! That's very exciting, too.

Now I am able to dive back into my post-apocalyptical thriller - End of the Lines. The beginning made the rounds of my writing group. That gave me just the right feedback to start putting a little more meat on the bones. I'm seeing gaps and inconsistencies all over the place. But I feel much more solid with the story now.

Here's a cover I was playing with.

Storms and high speed trains are an important part of the book. But that's just a first try. It'll probably morph before I'm done.

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