Thursday, September 5, 2013

Too many things going on

First of all the kitten. Here's a rather scary-eyed photo.
Bertie was 2lbs at last weighing. She is very tired of the "playpen" and wants out. The first time she scaled the wire to escape, I topped it with chicken wire.

The pen is made of rabbit wire. I don't know who designed this particular brand, but even the rabbits figured out that the upper wire is further apart. I witnessed an especially smart rabbit jumping through the upper part to attack my chard. Bertie is just as smart. She found the one section where the chicken wire didn't come down far enough and squeezed through. More jury-rigging on my part was required. Now she still climbs but cannot escape.

The other cats are not pleased with this little invader. They are acting out in strange ways. Rascal decided she needed to sleep on my printer...until I started printing.
Not pleased to have her nap interrupted.

The print version of Unintended Consequences is coming along. I am waiting for the latest proof to arrive. Maybe today. The audiobook is now in the works. That went faster than expected!

The weather has finally turned dryer and cooler. I have been hit by the late summer garden-ennui. Despite not being able to work in the yard most of the summer due to rain, I don't want to now that I can. Needless to say everything needs attention!

I am having a fun time with some genealogy. I'm building a family tree online with one of those websites that helps you research. It's definitely a time-sucker, so I have to schedule it in and stick to it. I can spend hours looking at the census records and scribbling notes. I have discovered that I had female relatives on both sides that were cigar makers! How weird is that?

And I've been thinking and plotting on the new story. I'm taking my time with the worldbuilding. I want to get some things sorted out before I get too far in and need to backtrack.

Whew. Not enough hours in the day anymore!


  1. Hi Alice,
    We met in France, and I just finished "White Lies"
    Enjoyed the character of Asher...nice to see a handsome star with it all with such human qualities....
    Tim from Lerner

  2. Good to hear from you Tim! Glad you liked the book, thanks.