Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm really busy, I think...

Another new computer. Argh!

Don't get me wrong, I love having a new computer. The price tag wasn't too painful, and I got a touchscreen -- very cool.

But I now have a spreadsheet that is a page and a half long of passwords. Sheesh. Why does everything have to have a password?

I am still finding my way around the silly thing. This Windows 8 with it's "charms" is a little odd. I find myself jumping back and forth too much. It seemed a lot easier to have it all on the same toolbar. But maybe it'll get easier.

The strangest thing so far is that I seem to type a lot faster on the new keyboard. So I guess that's a really good thing.

But feeling unsure of what's where and how to get there has left me off kilter. I transferred the files, but there's a problem with my version of Word and not all of the files will open. Very odd. So I spent a day re-saving to other formats, tossing them into Dropbox from the old computer and downloading them to the new one. Even then I had to tell it how to open them.

Everything seems so time consumingly tedious. Ugh. Aren't computers supposed to make our lives easier?

At least this time I got things done before a catastrophe. I am able to work on both computers at the same time, shifting and sorting things out.

Like why did an obsolete  pdf program come up as my default printer? Very odd.

It's just a lot of tweaking and searching and poking about. The problem is, I only have a little bit of knowledge which is very dangerous (like the time I deleted a program I needed to open certain files...sigh. Why do they have to give them such weird names?)

On the plus side, I am feeling really good about where the WIP is going. And I have been writing pretty consistently lately. Which makes me feel good and want to write more. It's a good kind of domino effect. I am thinking about publishing around June. But since I haven't finished writing it yet, I feel like I'm counting those proverbial chicks.

And I think it's time to get back to work on the WIP!

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