Monday, April 9, 2012

Bumbles in the azaleas

Everything is blooming like mad with this warm weather. And there are bees everywhere. The azaleas in the front yard are full of them and the cats called a truce so they could watch. Normally they don't like to get this close.

I noticed this weekend that the grapes are forming flowers. Last year we got a handful - maybe 6 or 8 grapes from the baby vine. This year there are flowers on every tip! If they all turn into grapes we will have enough to eat and dry and maybe even juice. Take my word for it - homemade raisins are incredible!

Every year the fruit trees, bushes, vines get larger and I am astonished by them. While I'm busy doing other things, they are growing. Despite forgetting to water, or fertilize or spray they keep trucking along on their own timeline. And when I do remember to water and fertilize and spray, they  reward me with yummy stuff.