Monday, April 16, 2012

Cabbage, poppies and strawberries

First of all - the poppy bloomed.
And what a beauty it is. Of course I am more attached to the perennials that I grow from seed. It just amazes me that they come back every year and put out such gorgeous flowers! This is one of the few that survived. I planted them all over my  hill but very few got through the first year. This was a packet of mixed colors, and the only ones I have left are this color. Maybe this color is hardiest.

I had to start some more Chinese cabbage because the rabbit decided to visit the garden. He trimmed all my chard and culinary dandelions while he was at it.
It's been so warm, by the time these are ready to transplant, I will probably put them right into the garden - with some sort of fencing!

The strawberries are pinking up!
There was a lovely big one, just about ripe, and now it's gone. I know there's a chipmunk who thinks he's found heaven. He waits until they're perfectly ripe before stealing them. I picked a couple pink ones to outsmart him. I don't mind sharing a little, but the very first one of the season?

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