Monday, April 2, 2012

Update on WIP

I finished the cut and paste of all the sections I am salvaging from the tome. They will act as an outline because all of it needs to be rewritten. But the bones are there - front to back! It's a good feeling to have it all there, even it if is a very rough draft.

Now the tough part. I need to string them all together with the same voice and themes with the end squarely in my sights.

There are a few upcoming scenes that I'm procrastinating on. One is a love scene. That's going to be interesting. I have to think about how comfortable I will be with my critique group reading it.

The thought of strangers, who I will never meet face to face, reading that sort of thing isn't a problem at all. But the face to face might make me a bit nervous. Not that I'm prudish, mind you, but...

The other tricky bits are when my characters are being clever. That means I need to be clever. And that might take a whole lot of thinking before it gets down on paper. Maybe even some diagrams and charts and some off-stage action worked out.

This writing stuff can get really complicated!

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