Monday, April 23, 2012

Flax, grapes and blueberries

I love flax. It is so delicate and cheerful. But it is actually very adaptable and drought resistant. I started this from seed and it has come back every year. I have it in full sun and partial shade and both do just fine.

Baby grapes!

The first grapes I tried was from Home Depot - Flame. Turns out they are not hardy for my area. I really should know better than to buy from Home Depot without a lot of research. They didn't make through the winter.

This is Canadice from a local nursery. I planted it in 2010. Last year it had 3 tiny bunches of grapes. And I mean barely pea sized. I was hoping for an increase...WOW. The vine is covered with bunches! I'll have to see how things progress. I hate to count those chickens... but I am very optimistic about the grape harvest this year.

 The blueberries are incredible!

Ever since I figured out that rabbits love fresh blueberry shoots, and fenced them, they've been doing much better. I put these plants in 4 years ago. I had read that it could take up to 5 years for a plant to start bearing. Between the bad winters and couple of droughts, I've been worried about them. In 2010 I got 16 berries and was thrilled. Last year I got 33 berries, more than double, right?

These bushes put on tremendous growth last year. This spring they were covered with flowers. I'm in awe. Sometimes Mother Nature just blows me away.

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