Friday, January 6, 2012

Volunteer tomatoes

I am a frugal gardener. I start a lot of my plants from seed. And in the fall, sometimes I dig up some of my annuals to overwinter in the house. Usually I take clippings from my coleuses and geraniums. If the begonias or impatiens look nice I might pot up a few for the sunroom.

Last year I started some impatiens from seed. They took forever to get going. So it wasn't until the fall that they even started to bloom. I potted up two - a lipstick red and a fuschia-purple. They were doing fine in the sunroom and I wasn't paying much attention. Then the catnip I brought in got aphids. That made me carefully examine all the plants.

And - oops - there are 2 tomato plants growing out of my impatiens pot!

I don't start tomatoes from seed. I buy them in the spring at our local Herb Festival. I can buy healthy organic heirloom tomatoes in singles. Which lets me get exactly the number of plants I want. So this seed must be from the compost. I can't imagine how tomato seeds got into my front garden otherwise.
I'll be curious to see what kind of tomato it is.

One year I had a clump of volunteer yellow pear tomatoes in a new garden patch I'd just started. Another puzzle because I don't remember ever buying yellow pear.

I swear the squirrel is gardening when I'm not looking!

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