Thursday, May 10, 2012

Random Ramblings

First of all, I got a very nice review on Catburglar on the Smashwords site. Thanks Pete McCumber! And best of all, I don't know him. It's always a treat when a stranger likes your work.

Of the nearly 600 free copies of White Lies out there, I have 1 review from someone I don't know. Sigh. That makes 2 reviews on the Amazon page. And I am sure that anyone browsing through could think they were both from friends or family. Which is always suspect. I am impatient for more reviews to come in, but what can you do? There's no way to force someone to read a book, or read it faster, or even review it when they're done.

Some days I am just terribly impatient.

The weather roller coaster has taken a dive. I have all the windows closed and the heat came on. Last night I even regretted taking the flannel sheets off the bed as the temps dipped down into the 40s. Sheesh.

I am sure what spring flowers that weren't blasted to dust by last week's 80s are very appreciative of the lower temps. I've already got a handful of radishes that bolted. Maybe the cooler days will soothe them back into forming roots.

My garden routine was shifting towards cleaning up and planting. Now every morning I have to pick strawberries and peapods first. I'm getting about a basket of berries every day and a handful of peapods. Last year the strawberries were overrun with weeds and I just didn't have the energy to sort it all out til the fall. So this year they are recovering and much happier.

I shouldn't complain about harvesting, but it does cut into my maintenance time. I need more hours in the day, and more sleep!

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