Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another watercolor, among other things

I have posted another painting under the artwork tab. The first few pieces will all be small, as that's the easiest to deal with.

I have to comment on the heat here in NC. 80's! All week! I'm breaking out the shorts and tank tops. Slept with all the windows open last night. We've even had the ceiling fans running. This is SOOO not normal for this area. And I just cannot turn the ac on this early in the year!

Last year I had to push back all my planting/sowing dates because the weather was so cold. This year, I'm already behind.The rhodys are spent, roses are blooming. All the spring flowers are long gone. Weird.

White Lies is not selling very well. So, it just goes to show that no marketing results in no sales. In case anyone had questions about that. I will be putting my toe in the marketing water soon.

I am also about to delve into CreateSpace to publish White Lies as a physical book. Another learning curve. But I have to say, it'll be so cool to actually see it in print.

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