Friday, October 12, 2012

A new thing to love about One Note

I have been using One Note to organize my snippets and snaps of notes and such for the next mystery story. (Working title is Unintended Consequences) I threw in some character descriptions and some timelines. Then I started adding places and realized I needed a floor plan.

Voila! It has a drawing function!

Geez o Pete, I was like a kid in a candy store. Floor plans! Yummy.

This has helped me think through my setting immensely. Specifically because the town is fictional. It's sort of a combination of some good and bad from several different places.

One of the big problems with this story was its lack of setting. I knew that. Sort of. And I tried to put it in a couple of places - Boston, Asheville...then I decided on the Jersey Pines. Which has a lot of different faces, everything from the blueberry farmers, the salt marshes, trailer trash, old money and of course the Jersey Devil. (I'm just going to skip over Atlantic City and the organized crime stuff. It doesn't fit into this novel.)

This has given me a big step forward in the planning. That scary first chapter is starting to shape up!

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