Friday, December 23, 2011

Awkward Christmas encounter

Way back when, when I was living in Grand Junction and working for a nursery I had the weirdest encounter. I'm short, five foot nothing in my stocking feet. And I like to wear tunics and leggings. They're comfy.

So here it was December and the nursery was selling Christmas trees and all the trimmings. I was in the greenhouse potting up some seedlings when a customer came rushing in, full of the spirit of the season. He gushed over the decorations. Since I had seen them for about four months already, I forced a cheerful smile and gushed back at him.

"It's really great!" he said, eying the ranks of poinsettias behind me.

"Yes, they come in different sizes." Always encouraging the sale.

"And you're dressed like an elf."

"I am?" That startled me, because I was wearing my normal clothes.

"Well, umm..." And he dashed out the door.


I was wearing a very colorful, patterned tunic and dark green leggings. Since the primary color in the tunic was orange, I didn't consider it very Christmasy. Guess I was wrong. But I suppose there are worse things to be confused with than an elf.

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