Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Kerfuffle

Dare I add my 2 cents to the War on Christmas? Yeah!

Bashing shoppers over the head to rip a cheap TV out of their arms has nothing to do with any religion I know of.

One upping Santa by buying better gifts than him (WTF?) has nothing to do with religion.

Lighting up your house with a million lights so that you increase your electric bill exponentially is related to pagan rituals of the solstice. Does anyone remember that Christians had to borrow rituals from other religions so they could FLY UNDER THE RADAR?

The very religious Christians in my neck of the woods don't decorate with electric reindeer or giant snowglobes on their lawn. They go to church.

No one is stopping them from going to church.

The people screaming about Christmas don't seem to realize that those of us who don't worship their god want the same respect for our beliefs.

Stop the madness!

Happy Holidays!

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