Saturday, December 24, 2011


I am making a few resolutions for next year. Some are the usual - drop some pounds, write more, etc. But a few are toward being more efficient with my time. And one of those is that I am not going to read books I don't like.

I can remember the first book I didn't finish. It was Main Street by Sinclair Lewis. I was in high school and it just annoyed the piss out of me. Maybe I should go back and take a look at it now. Not finishing it felt like a wild and sinful act to me. My family is voracious readers. We never put a book aside and not finish it.

These days I have limited fun time. I have a day job. I'm writing in my spare time and spending way too much time trolling blogs and learning about self publishing and marketing. My reading time is precious. Unless I feel like I can really learn something, out of my comfort zone, in a book, I'm not going to spend the little time I have on slogging through it.

OK. I said it. And I mean it. But I still feel guilty.

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