Saturday, December 10, 2011

Music in my head

I woke up with music in my head. It happens all the time. But this morning it was from Godspell.

What the heck?

I'm not a fan of show tunes and even if I was, Godspell would be way down there on the list. I haven't seen or heard any music from the show recently. Where did that come from? As my brain trudged up out of the gray fog of sleep:

Ho sanna hey sanna sanna sanna ho sanna hey sanna ho sanna.

I'm constantly amazed at the snippets and scraps that get blown into the corners of my brain and stay there. I remember jungles from my childhood, the phone number of my best friend from grammar school, I can name all the reindeer, but when I walk into the next room I forget what I went in there for.

With all the factoids and infobabble swirling around in my brain, why do I never wake up reciting the Gettysburg Address, or the soliloquy from Hamlet? No, I wake up singing, "Like a good neighbor..."

What the heck?

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