Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Back in the spring we purchased 2 mushroom logs from a local farmer. One shitake and one oyster. They warned us that the logs might not do anything for awhile. I put them in the yard, in a protected place behind a rhododendron. And there they sat, near the door to the garden shed. I glanced at them nearly every day.

And as they warned . . . nothing happened.

Then bam! One log has fully grown mushrooms on the bottom of it! Whoo hoo!

I pulled them off and popped 'em into a saute the next day!

I know that they were there long enough for a chipmunk or squirrel to take a nibble or two. But somehow I totally missed them as I passed them just about every day as I went in and out of the garden shed.

Now, I will be watching.

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